UCSF have saved 2 people’s lives at KARM with PSA! – Beth Roggeman

Words cannot express my appreciation!! -Beth Finamore-Neff

Early detection programs has played a big role – KARM

UCSF has shaped the human service foundational experience – Ms. Jacqueline G. McRae-Mitchell

We are so appreciative of Mercedes and all her staff and helpers. – Mayor Dale Perdue and Staff

History of USCF

The Past

In April, 2011, the American Association for Cancer Support was founded on the mission “to assist cancer patients through commodity distribution and education”.  While this was a fine and noble mission, as time passed, that mission became obsolete and so did the American Association for Cancer Support.

The Present

In July, 2015, it was decided, by the Founder and voted on by the founding Board of Directors of the American Association for Cancer Support, to close the American Association for Cancer Support charity unless new leadership, to include a new CEO, new ‘mixed ability’ Board of Directors, new mission statement, and new direction, could be instituted.

It was determined, in order to move into the preventive arena, that a new charity had to be born. That was the beginning of the United Cancer Support Foundation (UCSF). Since its inception on July 7, 2015, United Cancer Support Foundation has been and strongly remains on the forefront of prevention and early detection.

UCSF has developed strong alliances among the medical, educational, and business communities.  We work very closely with local, state and federal agencies that foster and govern our mission and program services.  We have a presence in the faith-based community as well.

The Future

We are continually expanding our needs specific free program services division to include; survivors’ workshops, co-payment assistance, clinical trials assistance, and personal support packages just to name a few.  UCSF is looking toward investment strategies, system integration between accounting and fundraising to improve efficiency. We are improving our corporate and retail opportunities for sponsor support.  We support our staff and board of director’s non-profit education.  This quarter we are studying “cause marketing” and how we can rapidly expand our cause related activities and exploring ways to be more sustainable and responsible.

While we will move forward we will also continue to impact the homeless, at risk, abused and vulnerable populations by offering free HPV vaccines, PSA screenings, and mammograms as we are chartered to do.


December 2019

    • Prepare for 2020

November 2019

    • Smoking Cessation Class Begins
    • Cancer Support Community Meeting 

October 2019

    • Love Towers Engagement Meeting
    • Scheduled Mammograms
    • TC2 East Meeting

September 2019

    • Guy B Love interest Meeting
    • TC2 East Meeting
    • Smoking Cessation Program intro

August 2019

    • TC2 East Meetings

July 2019

    • Sun Safety Event @ the Smokies
    • Serenity Shelter Mammograms

June 2019

    • Sun Safety Event for Girls Inc
    • Sunscreen Dispensars Placed in Parks
    • Sun Safety Promotions

May 2019

    • Healthy pathways Meeting
    • Job fair @ LT Ross Building

April 2019

    • Colorectal Lunch & Learn @ Guy B Love Towers
    • Smoking Cesstion Program continued..
    • 100 Black Men Health Fair

March 2019

  • Program Review Breakfast
  • Smoking Cessation Program @ 5 Points Intro
  • Networking Event @ EDP
  • Colorectal Lunch & Learn @ Guy B Love

February 2019

  • R.A.M Promotional Event
  • Smoking Cessation Program Week 9 @ Guy B Love
  • Smoking Cessation Program Week 10 @ Guy B Love
  • Smoking Cessation Program Completion Ceremony @ Guy B Love
  • Created Colorectal PSA

January 2019

  • Smoking Cessation Program Week 5 @ Guy B Love
  • Smoking Cessation Program Week 6 @ Guy B Love
  • Smoking Cessation Program Week 7 @ Guy B Love
  • Smoking Cessation Program Week 8 @ Guy B Love

December 2018

  • Smoking Cessation Program Week 2 @ Guy B Love
  • Smoking Cessation Program Week 3 @ Guy B Love
  • Smoking Cessation intro @ Montgomery Village
  • Smoking Cessation Intro @ Northgate
  • Smoking Cessation Program Week 4 @ Guy B Love

November 2018

  • Smokerlyzer Certification
  • Created First Video PSA
  • Speech @ 5 Points
  • Guy B Love Week 1

October 2018

  • Job Fair @ John T O’Connor Senior Center
  • Maud Booth Lunch & Learn
  • Orange & Pink Tailgate Breast Cancer Event
  • KCDC Smoking Cessation Intro

September 2018

  • Maud Booth Fitness Begins
  • Maud booth Breast Cancer Event
  • St. Jude Walk and Run
  • Health Fair
  • Rollin Colon (Roller Derby Event)

August 2018

  • Rollin Colon Roller Derby Event
  • Maud booth (Introduction Event)
  • Sun Safety Fishing Tournament
  • Saturday Night Gospel (Promotional Event)
  • Healthy Pathways (Educational Event)

July 2018

    • Woman’s luncheon
    • Rollin Colon for SCEPT

June 2018

    • Girls Inc Oak Ridge “Healthy Habits”
    • Girls Inc Knoxville “Healthy Habits”
    • Abbey Fields “Healthy Habits”

May 2018

    • CAC Job Fair
    • Community Wellness Day Oak Ridge
    • UT Community Block Party
    • Breast Strokes

April 2018

    • Lunch & Learn
    • Tu Dia

March 2018

    • Rollin’ Colon
    • Quittin Time Tennessee

February 2018

    • 3 Day Smoking Cessation Event
    • The Coalition of 100 Black Woman Symposium

November 2017

    • Oak Ridge lung Event
    • Wallace Clinic

October 2017

    • CAC Job Fair
    • Town Of Louisville Octoberfest
    • Boys & Girls Club Event
    • Mercy House Event
    • Super Heroes & Sheroes Event

September 2017

    • Healthy Pathways event at the Knoxville Center
    • Participated in the St. Jude Walk for Childhood Cancer

August 2017

    • Hosted Lunch & Learn for the Wesley House
    • Hosted Melanoma Educational event for Clinton Senior Center
    • Hosted a Networking event at the Jackson Terminal
    • Breast Cancer Clinic at Wallace Mobile

July 2017

    • Promotional event at the Smokies Stadium
    • Offered Free Screening at Wallce Mobile Clinic
    • Sun Safety event at Girls Inc

June 2017

    • Promotional event at Secret city Festival
    • Hosted a Sun Saftey event for Girls Inc
    • Smoking Cessation event for the Seniors of Knoxville
    • Lunch & Learn for the city Oak Ridge

May 2017

    • Participated in the Medic Mobile at South College
    • Hosted a Lunch & Learn for the Seniors of Anderson County

March 2016

    • Supporting Thompson Comprehensive Breast Center fundraiser
    • UCSF first fundraiser

February 2016

  • UCSF took part in the Remote Area Medical (RAM) expedition
  • Joined forces with Wallace and KARM for PSA screening (2-20-16)
  • Staff attended grant writing conference
  • Supported Knoxville Lighthouse (Spring Open House)
  • Introduced new UCSF brochures (lung cancer/PSA testing)

January 2016

  • Finalized HPV vaccine initiative
  • Offered PayPal as payment gateway
  • Participated in OOA/SCSEP Job Fair
  • Sent out fundraising invitations
  • met with Wallace Mobile Healthcare (Beth Roggeman)

December 2015

    • Hosted second “Meeting of the Minds” follow up to HPV initiative
    • Created Mailing Lists
    • Added Wallace Mobile Healthcare to list of agency partners
    • Amended Articles of Incorporation

November 2015

    • Held “UCSF Open House”
    • Provided mammograms for women at Serenity Shelter
    • Hired new Accounting Firm
    • Staff Education (Food Inc.)

October 2015

    • Set in motion the UCSF free mammogram program
    • Provided 7 women from “Serenity” shelter with free mammograms
    • Made in roads for the PSA testing for underserved men
    • Amended the Articles of Incorporation
    • Supported Breast Cancer Awareness month
    • Had first international shipment as UCSF
    • Began grant writing proposal project
    • Hosted visiting fundraiser (Dick Cole)
    • Took part in the Asian Festival

September 2015

  • Planned and executed HPV initiative
  • Garnered partnerships with KCHD, RAM, CAC Office on Aging, Merck Pharmaceuticals
  • Hosted first “Meeting of the Minds” HPV initiative
  • Created brochures/presentation folders
  • Visited with NJ fundraiser
  • Met with web developer (Scott and Mary)
  • Met with TN State Investigator (Ken Marrero)

August 2015

  • Moved office to new location
  • Changed phone number
  • Laid out new website
  • Changed Mission (did rewrite)
  • Amended By-Laws
  • Supported other charities
  • Visited with FL fundraiser
  • Held Board of Directors meeting

July 2015

  • Mercedes L. Ringgold was voted in and accepted position of President and CEO of United Cancer Support Foundation
  • Changed the name to United Cancer Support Foundation
  • Changed Mission Statement and Charitable Purpose from “assistance” to “prevention”
  • Implemented corporate restructuring (first 90 days)